film production

Hi. We're Redream.

We've been making films since 2012. We're focused on auteur films. Though, I suppose, this term has gained quite a reputation over the decades.

Just to be clear — I don't mean films about people dying of cancer while trying to win a dancing contest or whaterver.

We want to make films which are personal but also entertaining, and not preachy. I'd rather describe them as a combination of independent and genre films.

You know, how it used to be some 20 years ago, when films were authentic, as opposed to paint-by-number cash grab “content” which they are often today.

Redream is two people: Alan Torn, writer, director, producer and everything from sound designer to VFX artist. And Katerina “Nathan” Ernst, writer, director, cinematographer and producer.

Also, this site is still a work in progress, so tread lightly.