To re-dream means to attempt to return to a dream from which you have woken up from. It's the process of consciously trying to re-enter the dream world and experience the continuation of a dream that was interrupted by waking up. This term is often used in discussions about dreams, consciousness, and the exploration of one's own subconscious experiences.

And this is precisely what we're trying to make the audience feel.

We are a production company and creative studio with strong work ethics and extreme level of expertise in every aspect of digital, engineering and film production.

Alan Torn, writing director, and Katerina Nathan Ernst, writing cinematorgrapher are the core of our pack.

Torn is a one-man army who is able take on any production task: writing, cinematography, casting, directing, storyboarding, color grading, graphic design, motion graphics, game design, video production, virtuatl filmmaking using Unreal Engine etc.

We never delegate any part of the process outside of the inner circle of tried and tested collaboratos. So your project is in safe hands.